Each year approximately eight research awards are made to students enrolled in the CSE program. Research projects are selected for support on a competitive basis. Proposals are solicited each Spring for the academic year beginning the following Fall. The proposed research must be interdisciplinary and computationally oriented, and the proposal must be submitted jointly by the student and two faculty co-advisors who must be CSE affiliates from different disciplines (Note: The faculty can be from the same department as long as their disciplines are different). The CSE Fellows selected by an evaluation panel receive financial support equivalent to 25% research assistantship in their home department plus a tuition waiver. At the end of each academic year, that year's CSE Fellows present their research results at the annual CSE Symposium. Current CSE Fellows are listed below and past fellows are listed by academic year.

2016-2017 FELLOWS

Antoine Blanchard (Aerospace Engineering) — Computational and Analytical Study of Vortex Induced Vibrations of a Sprung Bluff Body with Internal Nonlinear Energy Sinks

Dimitrios Fytanidis (Civil and Environmental Engineering) — Turbulence and Sediment Transport in Oscillatory Boundary Layer Flows

Rachel Mansbach (Physics) — Mesoscale Molecular Simulations of Self-Assembling Organic Electronic Nanowires

Shriyaa Mittal (Biophysics) — Molecular View of Plant-Microbe Nitrogen Cycle Interactions

Advitya Patyal (Theoretical and Applied Mathematics) — A Novel Interface Tracking Approach for Modeling Three-Dimensional Premixed Turbulent Flames

Amirhossein Taghvaei (Mechanical Science and Engineering) — Computationally Efficient Implementation of Feedback Particle Filter Algorithm for High Dimensional Problems

Sixian You (Bioengineering) — Quantitative Imaging of Breast Cancer Progression Using Multimodal Optical Microscopy and Machine Learning

Xiao Zhang (Mechanical Science and Engineering) — Surface and Magnetic Dopants in ZnO: First-Principles Simulations for Advanced Optoelectronic Applications