Undergraduate Awards

Computational Science and Engineering David Kuck Undergraduate Awards

Each year numerous undergraduate awards are made to students enrolled in the CSE program. The recipients will be selected in the spring semester and the award presentation are made at the CSE annual spring meeting. In order to qualify for this award:

  • The recipient must complete at least 2 of the required courses for CSE concentration in their field of study by theend of spring semester.
  • The recipient must have a demonstrated scholastic excellence.


Each award carries a stipend of $500. The recipients are recognized at the annual CSE meeting each spring.

How to Apply:

Online application is now closed for the 2015-2016 academic year.

See the recipients at our CSE David Kuck Undergraduate Award page.

CSE Summer Undergraduate Internships

Computational Science and Engineering offers a limited number of summer undergraduate research internships for undergraduate students enrolled in our program. The internship aims at helping students establish important relationships with faculty in their respective fields of study, conduct graduate-level research under the supervision of a University of Illinois renowned faculty member, become acquainted with the culture of graduate school, and learn what is needed and expected of them as graduate students in their discipline at the University of Illinois. All award recipients are required to present the results of their project (as a poster presentation) at the CSE annual meetingto publicize their undergraduate research activity.

The internship will pay for 8-10 weeks (30 hours /week). Experimental research is encouraged, however the research must include sufficient computational work. It is the student's responsibility to identify a potential faculy sponsor prior to applying. A good place to start is the faculty page of your departmental website. A list of affiliated CSE faculty from the various departments is found here.


  • The recipient must be enrolled in the undergraduate certificate option and have completed at least 2 courses required in their certification.
  • The student must conduct computational research.
  • The recipient must have a demonstrated scholastic excellence.
  • The student must submit a research project proposal (one paragraph).

How to Apply

Online application is now closed.